Why you Need Ductless Air Conditioning

There is the option having a ductless air conditioning system installed in places where the traditional ductworks are not viable. You will thus get to access some benefits, of which better energy savings happens to be one of.

Ductless air conditioners use the principle of split unit layouts, which is a relatively new thing. The condenser part of the system is located outside the house, with the air units mounted inside. Plenty of people have caught onto this new invention. They all say just how wonderful its performance and energy savings properties are. They also point out other benefits they get to enjoy. See more on  Etobicoke air conditioning.

There being no ducts, they shall have access to cleaner and healthier air. Their old systems have the ducts in which bacteria, allergens, and diseases were breeding and spreading from, onto the entire house. Moisture can be expected to be present wherever there is an air conditioning duct system like that one. This is what will get trapped in the ductwork and lead to the growth of these harmful pathogens. When air would blow through the vents, they then would spread all over the place. With ductless air conditioning, you would not have such problems.

Ductless air conditioners have low humidity low-pressure features that allow for healthier air conditioned wherever they are installed. They also minimize losses, since there is no chilled air lost, which would have been the case in the older system.

They are also easier to install, going up at any point of the house. It will also not take long to set up, as there is no ductwork to be done. Seeing as there is no air exchange system, you shall have the advantage f having it set up at any point of the house.

They can be placed on any wall, or even mounted on the ceiling. You only need to have some thin refrigerant lines running from outside to the inside unit, which take up little space and are not easily seen.

It used to be expensive to repair the traditional ducted air conditioners. In case any part of the ductwork got spoilt, it would be costly to get the system back to normal functioning. Repair work was not a straightforward repair or replacement. There first had to be a locating exercise, followed by the repair or replacing. If it was replacement, then it was the whole thing. It was also not immediately noticeable when damage had occurred. While it took time, the system was still functional and using up power. The repairs added on to of this was too costly. View more on  air conditioning Toronto.

Ductless air conditioners are therefore the perfect solution to most of the problems presented by the traditional systems. It also gives off better quality air.